JetBlue Set to Change Airline Customer Service Forever

Communicating with an airline via Twitter has become a routine part of our high-tech, social media obsessed world. A few savvy travelers even use Facebook"™s chat function to get in touch with an airline.

And there are still others who prefer to continue using dated methods of communication such as the telephone or email (shudder). (JetBlue podría entrar al mercado transatlántico)

But until now, airlines have not had the technology in place to converse with customer service representatives across multiple medium"”Facebook, Twitter, text, email, and telephone"”without having to completely repeat and recap all of the details of their previous conversations.

Enter JetBlue and its new partnership with Gladly.

Earlier this week, the New York-based airline announced it would be joining forces with Gladly to roll out a modern customer service platform enabling travelers to have one continuous conversation with JetBlue"™s customer support team across multiple communication channels.

In essence, Gladly"™s technology gives customer support representatives a single view of all conversations that have occurred with a customer…

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