Malasya: IATA wants airlines to consider new data protocols

International Air Transport Association, IATA has said it is time airlines started considering real time data feeds from planes in the air.

The International Air Transport Association said it would talk to plane-makers about installing equipment to send out real-time data transmissions that could make it easier to locate missing airlines, such as Malaysian Airlines MH370.

IATA Chief Executive Officer Tony Tyler has said manufacturers should be able to determine how to send information to the ground in real time using the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System.
ACAR is a digital datalink that replaced VHF voice transmissions.
He said while the constant downloads of all available information from every flight could be difficult to monitor there should be a way of capturing the most important information.

Mr Tyler said he remained hopeful that the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200 wide-body, which had 239 people on board would be located soon…

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