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Achieving Supply Chain Visibility in 2017
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Achieving Supply Chain Visibility in 2017

Supply chain visibility is the need of the hour if, as a company, you want to ensure a complete product or service experience for the customer. When we started LogiNext, we had a clear vision. We wanted to create a system that could track anything, anywhere, anytime for the client. Since then, I have seen supply chain visibility gain credence and stature. Now, we have established ourselves as prominent players within the industry. Looking ahead, I see an exponential growth in the applications and reach of the concept of real-time tracking.

When you look around, you would see every other person connecting to each other through their smart phones. Everything is on the go. We have our presentation applications integrated within these phones where we work while we travel. We check our mail and freshen up our social media profiles. We book our cabs, we check our maps, we book our tickets, and order our food online. Everything mentioned right here use some level of tracking technology. Without realizing, we always exist on the grid.

This connectivity has wide-spread applications within the supply chain visibility universe in the near future.

Targeting Online Customers

The digital world has overtaken the concept of a traditional market place. It is the preferred mode of interaction amongst the current generation. It makes sense, then, to use the potential that Internet and connectivity offers you in terms of usage. I believe more on more companies are waking up to this reality. I have seen many business veterans revisiting their product strategy to include visibility as an option. I studied a recent Gartner report that stated that 50 percent of supply chain managers in billion dollar companies would be adopting some form of supply chain visibility within the next two years. This doesn"™t come as a surprise to me. I believe that the adoption rate could, as well, cross 50 percent. It makes sense to track your shipments from origin to delivery. Complete supply chain visibility would soon become a standard feature in all consumer and business applications. The main reason for this is; because we can. Technology development zooms ahead faster than you expect it to…

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