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Airbus to hike maximum zero-fuel weight on A220
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Airbus to hike maximum zero-fuel weight on A220

Airbus is planning a further performance tweak to the A220 family by increasing the maximum zero-fuel weight and maximum landing weight of the twinjet.

A220 programme manager Florent Massou tells FlightGlobal that the change will be introduced as an option on both variants of the aircraft – the -100 and -300 – in 2022, subject to regulatory approval.

He says both maximum weight thresholds will be increased by just over 1.8t and that this will provide “operational flexibility” through additional payload capability.

The current maximum zero-fuel weight for the -100 is 50.3t while that for the -300 is 55.8t.

Their maximum landing weights are respectively 52.4t and 58.7t…

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