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ALTA legal & aeropolitical commitee meeting & 10th annual aviation law americas conference
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ALTA legal & aeropolitical commitee meeting & 10th annual aviation law americas conference

During the bi-annual committee meeting, airline"™ legal and aeropolitical executives gathered to explore emerging challenges and to coordinate actions for its upcoming agenda and priorities. Airlines expressed concern on the continued patchwork on regulations and agreed to promote harmonization. In addition, the airlines supported the association"™s strategy for calling on previous consultation with industry before government"™ adopting new regulations. The association will continue to promote adequate means of exchange of opinions with governments.

Hosted by CANAERO, and supported by airline partners Aeromar, Aeromexico, and Volaris, this year"™s Aviation Law Americas drew top aviation legal, finance and aeropolitical leaders from throughout the Americas together to focus on key industry challenges.

ALTA"™s Aviation Law Americas is the region"™s premier legal conference focused specifically on the aviation industry. The two-day agenda featured interactive panel discussions focused on exchanging views, ideas, and best practices on legal, finance and aero-political issues and challenges that the industry is currently facing in the region. Topics included:

"¢ Economic Outlook – A perspective of the business environment and background for sensitive decision making.

"¢ Aviation in a Competitive Environment – The incidence of governmental decisions, either promoting or restricting competition and its influence on the business environment, the pros and cons.

"¢ Environment – ICAO 39th Assembly is just around the corner. Is the airline industry going to achieve the milestone of self-imposing reduction on CO2 emissions? Is Latin America and Caribbean prepared for a Global Market Based Mechanism? Which considerations are going to determine this region"™s positions at the Assembly? What about the other three pillars?

"¢ Update on Litigation and Liability – Recent cases that should be in the spotlight for everyone.

"¢ Passenger Rights – Some say that basic principles of law are being overridden, while others say that it is the way to strike the balance between the "strong" and the "weak." New initiatives are flourishing, but in the correct path?

"¢ Aircraft Financing – A look at whether stricter reporting, solvency and transparency requirements affecting off-shore entities, banks and other financiers might impact risk assessment principles and common financing structures. How can the Cape Town Convention provide a balance as a key element for the reduction of risk?

"¢ What Keeps Aviation Lawyers Busy? Challenging regulatory regimes in crews; issues in taxes and monopoly pricing; ground handling agreements; lack of infrastructure and others prevent these tenacious lawyers from sleeping.

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