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Amadeus Launches NDC-Enabled Selling Platform Connect
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Amadeus Launches NDC-Enabled Selling Platform Connect

Amadeus announces that Selling Platform Connect, its cloud-based booking platform, now allows travel sellers to shop, order, pay and service airline travel offers via an NDC connectivity.

A main advantage for travel sellers is that they can now view and compare all available airline flights and related services for any given trip on one single screen, whether they are sourced from EDIFACT, NDC or other APIs. It’s the first time travel sellers can access such a full range of air content all in one place, making it easier for them to compare offers and help their customers to find the best value.

Our objective is two-fold: by integrating NDC into Selling Platform Connect, we’re enabling airlines to better differentiate their offers and drive adoption of their NDC content, while also helping travel sellers to continue to work in their preferred environment. Our solution provides our network of travel sellers with new NDC sourced content alongside existing content – all on one screen,” says Gianni Pisanello, VP of Amadeus NDC[X].

As a driver customer for this NDC-enabled version of Selling Platform Connect, Flight Centre Travel Group and its global business travel division FCM Travel Solutions were closely involved throughout the entire development process. Nicola Ping, Manager, Air Content & Distribution EMEA, Flight Centre/FCM commented: “It has been very rewarding for Flight Centre and FCM to collaborate with Amadeus as a driver customer in the NDC [X] program and help drive the NDC roadmap not just for ourselves, but the TMC and retail travel agency sectors in general. The partnership has been very successful as we could test the NDC enabled user interface in Selling Platform Connect in both leisure and business travel environments and provide valuable feedback to Amadeus which shaped the final design. It was also exciting to reach a major milestone in August when our consultants began booking and servicing NDC content in the new Amadeus solution.

“This latest version of Selling Platform Connect provides a great balance for us. While it gives our consultants access to NDC content, it doesn’t cause any disruptions to their typical business processes as they are still booking in a familiar technology environment,” continued Ping. “It simply gives us access to more options—all in one place—to personalize the booking experience for our customers and ensure they benefit positively from the opportunities that NDC presents”…

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