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Boeing Anticipating Return of 737 MAX This January
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Boeing Anticipating Return of 737 MAX This January

Boeing expects the grounded 737 MAX jet to return to commercial service by January, the airline manufacturer announced this week.

On Monday, the company confirmed that it anticipates the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will issue an order approving the aircraft’s return to service this winter.

«While the FAA and other regulatory authorities will determine the timing of certification and return to commercial service, Boeing continues to target FAA certification of the MAX flight control software updates during this quarter,» Boeing said in a progress report published on Monday. «Based on this schedule, it is possible that the resumption of MAX deliveries to airline customers could begin in December, after certification, when the FAA issues an Airworthiness Directive rescinding the grounding order.»

«In parallel, we are working towards final validation of the updated training requirements, which must occur before the MAX returns to commercial service, and which we now expect to begin in January»…

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