From Popcorn to Brain Food, Airlines Enrich In-Flight Entertainment

The latest entry in the trend of onboard edutainment is the Ideas Roadshow, which offers in-depth conversations with some of today"™s leading thinkers and creatives.

The Ideas Roadshow was the brainchild of the show"™s host, Howard Burton, who after creating a community outreach element to his research institute in Canada, found that many people were curious about research in many fields, but intimated by the learning process. He began producing one-on-one conversations with prominent minds, covering topics from physics to psychology, law to linguistics, sports to storytelling, all designed to be accessible and engaging.

"Our goal is to make the conversations as natural and informal as possible to best highlight the passion and excitement of the guest," says Irena Burton Director of Communications and Licensing for the Ideas Roadshow.

The Ideas Roadshow 60-minute chats are now offered as part of the long-haul in-flight entertainment menus of British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, and Alaska Airlines.

Burton tells us, "[We] are convinced that many passengers would be delighted to seize their time in the air to experience different, stimulating content that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to sample in their day-to-day lives."

More Entertainment

Other airlines have recently introduced alternative edutainment selections to their IFE content mix…

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