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IAG Cargo marks world wildlife day with Jumbo donation
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IAG Cargo marks world wildlife day with Jumbo donation

To celebrate World Wildlife Day IAG Cargo has released two images of Kenyan-based orphaned elephants who received a donation of airline blankets from the cargo operator, keeping the young elephants warm during the winter months.

More than 400 blankets were donated at the end of last year to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a wildlife conservation charity that runs a rehabilitation programme that cares for baby elephants. The baby elephants cared for by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust have all lost their mothers and the blankets help to provide for them as their natural mothers would have. IAG Cargo will continue to support the charity with donations of blankets, complementing the carrier"™s ongoing support for shipments travelling under the CITIES agreement.

IAG Cargo regularly transports animals protected under the CITES agreement and work closely with IATA, ATA, the UK Border Force and United for Wildlife to ensure all animals are transported and treated in the safest and best possible way.

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