IATA Launches Cargo-XML Manual and Toolkit Offering Next-Generation Air Cargo Electronic Messaging Standards

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released its second edition of the Cargo-XML Manual and Toolkit, providing Cargo-XML standards for the electronic exchange of information that replace traditional Cargo-IMP for the air cargo industry. The toolkit provides electronic message standards that ensure uniformity, clarity, accuracy and economy in electronic data exchanges.

"As a replacement to legacy standards, Cargo-XML will revolutionize air cargo electronic messaging, bringing sustained benefits to the air cargo industry over time," said Des Vertannes, IATA"™s Global Head of Cargo. The new Cargo-XML standards are multimodal and cross-border and are based on UN/CEFACT standards and referencing the World Customs Organization (WCO) Data Model elements.

Benefits of Cargo-XML-based standards include:
"¢ Facilitating implementation of the e-Air Waybill (e-AWB), e-Freight, Electronic Cargo Security Declaration (e-CSD) and Advance Electronic Information (AEI)
"¢ Providing business rules that improve efficiency and compliance with regulations
"¢ Improving data quality and response times to changing requirements
"¢ Promoting the use of a common, universally accepted standard in the supply chain
"¢ Compatibility with the standards of other industry bodies, such as the WCO
"¢ Greater participation of small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the logistics chain owing to significantly reduced costs of developing, maintaining and using electronic communications
Software and industry service providers that have licensed Cargo-XML from IATA with the intention of developing Cargo-XML messaging solutions include Kewill, New Age Software Solution, Hans Infomatic, GLS HK, Mercator, Parse2, and Hexaware Technologies. Other system providers are expected to license the Cargo-XML standard at the 8th World Cargo Symposium that will be held in Los Angeles, California on 11-13 March 2014.

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