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Iata welcomes greater clarity over passenger rights
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Iata welcomes greater clarity over passenger rights

Greater clarity has been given to the European Union"™s passenger rights regulation but more work is required, according to Iata.

The airline trade body was responding to the publication of "˜interpretative guideline"™ on Regulation 261/2004 by the European Commission.

"This is an important stop-gap measure until critical reforms to EU 261/2004 are implemented," Iata said on Friday.

Director general and chief executive, Tony Tyler, said: “A transparent and level playing field is important for passengers and airlines.

"Today"™s interpretative guidelines are an important step to ensure that EU 261 is applied with greater consistency across Europe. The industry"™s issues with EU 261, however, remain unsolved.

"Revisions to the regulation proposed in March 2013 would help to provide a better balance between passenger rights and airline obligations. But they are being held in limbo as a result of a deadlocked dispute between Spain and the UK over Gibraltar."

From the start, EU 261 contained ambiguities which resulted in inconsistencies in how the regulation was applied across Europe, according to Iata…

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