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Kiu Is Granted With NDC Level 4 Certification
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Kiu Is Granted With NDC Level 4 Certification

Kiu System Solutions has obtained certification NDC level 4 according to International Air Transport Association (IATA) NDC program. NDC level 4 is the highest level in the industry that IT providers can reach for this type of capacity distribution.

This status allows Kiu PSS, Kiu GDS and Kiu E-commerce to support the implementation of Full-Offer messages and Order Management whose systems meet all the requirements of the NDC messaging system version 19.1. As a result, Kiu is now one of the main PSS and GDS providers supporting NDC internal and external distribution channels.

This new level of communication for all the air content is available in real-time through all the sale channels and represents an essential change for the standardization of the air industry that, in order to promote the innovation and personalization by changing the purchase flow, provides all passengers around the world the possibility to access better experiences and booking processes…

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