Missing MH370: Possible Boeing 777 Part Found Off Mozambique, Sources Say

An object that could be debris from a Boeing 777 has been found off Mozambique and is being examined by investigators searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, sources told NBC News.

Early photographic analysis of the object suggests it could have come from the doomed jet, which vanished almost exactly 2 years ago.

It was found on a sandbank in the Mozambique Channel "” the body of water between Mozambique in eastern Africa and Madagascar "” and in the same corner of the southern Indian Ocean where the only confirmed piece of debris, a flaperon, was found last July.

Investigators in Malaysia, Australia and the U.S. have seen photographs of the latest object and sources say there is a good chance it comes from a Boeing 777.

The object has the words «NO STEP» on it and could be from the plane’s horizontal stabilizer "” the wing-like parts attached to the tail, sources say. It was discovered by an American who has been blogging about the search for MH370…

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