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NDC ‘suits passenger needs’ – IATA
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NDC ‘suits passenger needs’ – IATA

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) says a study* of air travellers shows support for a richer travel shopping experience such as that which will be enabled by the New Distribution Capability (NDC).

Study participants were shown examples of how the NDC standard can be used to support an improved experience when shopping for air travel on line. This includes providing consumers with more information about airline product and service options, showing product images and enabling comparison shopping among airlines.

Highlights of the findings include:
"¢ More than 75 per cent of air travellers said the NDC-based display would make it easier to compare flights and prices and understand the true cost of their flight, compared to how they shop and book travel online today.
"¢ More than 70 per cent of business fliers and 65 per cent of leisure travellers would be more likely to purchase optional airline services if presented with information about the services in an NDC-based display.
"¢ Sixty-three per cent of business travelers and 69 per cent of leisure travellers would find it helpful to receive timely promotional offers via text message.
"¢ 68 per cent of business passengers and 64 per cent of leisure passengers would be comfortable with an airline or travel agent informing them about the availability of optional products based on previous purchase data.

“When presented with the opportunity, air travellers welcome the comprehensive shopping information and graphic visual displays that the NDC Standard enables. A substantial majority also look forward to the opportunity to be recognised and to receive personalised offers,” said Aleks Popovich, IATA"™s svp Financial and Distribution Services.

The survey also revealed the following travel trends:
"¢ 88 per cent of business passengers and four of five leisure passengers own a smartphone. Seventy per cent of business passengers own tablets, as do 60 per cent of leisure passengers.
"¢ Business passengers are younger than leisure travellers, suggesting a “passing of the torch” from older generations of business passengers…

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