OAG looks beyond aviation as it upgrades analytics platform

OAG has updated its analytics suite to make the company"™s data more accessible to a broader range of customers in sectors beyond aviation.

According to Mark Clarkson EVP product management, the Traffic Analyser 2.0 web-based platform aims to make data more accessible to users such as tourism boards, investors, and infrastructure companies.
"We did some freshening up from a functional point of view to make it much easier for customers to get a better view on the extract data.

"We"™re working with airports, but also government departments and construction companies looking to build airports, for example. From their perspective, it"™s much easier to get the data with the second generation of intelligence."
The company has been extending its data sets through strategic partnerships.

"We extended the platform a couple of years ago, in partnership with Travelport. They provide us with passenger bookings data. So on the one hand customers have schedules data for capacity information, and they have the bookings data for a real understanding of who is flying where, and what travel class travel class they"™re flying in, and what airport they"™re connecting through.

"So, for tourism companies for example, it can really help them know where passengers are coming from"”they are probably connecting through other market"”and it will let you know where you want to spend your marketing dollars to attract those people. Also, we"™ve entered a partnership with RDC which adds fares comparison for European and Asian Low-Cost Carriers»…

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