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Record-breaking 2021 NDC growth for Accelya confirms NDC is now “mainstream”
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Record-breaking 2021 NDC growth for Accelya confirms NDC is now “mainstream”

Accelya, a leading provider of technology solutions to the travel industry, today announced that it handled the highest ever transaction volumes through its NDC solution in 2021 – consolidating its position as the world’s number one NDC enabler.

By the end of 2021, Accelya saw a 73% increase in the number of tickets sold through NDC channels – which are processed via the Accelya FLX Platform – compared to the equivalent pre-pandemic period in 2019. With 94% of growth coming from existing travel agencies, these figures show that airlines and travel agencies are aligned in adopting the NDC channel – further encouraging airlines to provide compelling content. Additionally, airlines are maturing their NDC retailing strategies, as demonstrated by a 208% increase in ancillary sales through Accelya.

In 2021, Accelya´s FLX Passenger Platform – which provides NDC solutions to over 40% of IATA’s Leaderboard Airlines – created the highest volume of offers (flights, ancillary products, and bundles) in its history, with 300% more offers created over 2019. This growth has seen the FLX Platform scale to reach over 1,000 transactions per second. Today for some Accelya customers, the volume of NDC transactions is on par with the volume of transactions processed via their GDS channels.

“As the world’s leading NDC enabler, Accelya is in a privileged position to witness first-hand the distribution trends shaping the industry,” commented Tye Radcliffe, VP – Order Product Strategy at Accelya. “Our data shows that 2021 was the year that NDC finally went mainstream. With API connections now in place, our airline customers are making the most of the channel by creating retailing-centric offers that travel sellers and customers want.”

Accelya connects airline customers to the world’s largest NDC distribution network comprising 300 distribution (API) partners and 50,000 agencies worldwide, and covers all major GDS (Global Distribution Systems).

Agencies connect directly with an airline NDC API to access offers or get airline content through the Accelya sales and servicing portal, SPRK.

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