Safety and Quality Management solutions in airlines: Aviation Quality Services launches new training courses

Aviation Quality Services (AQS) provides its customers with a number of new training opportunities with immediate transparency and orientation around the adapted regulations of EASA OPS and ACC3. As the leading provider in the field of safety and quality management systems in aviation industry, AQS reacts to the changes of both legislation for the aviation industry through the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Union (EU).

EASA OPS regulates operating rules for commercial air transport, while ACC3 is setting up new airfreight and airmail security in the European Union. Both 3-day training courses, offered in Frankfurt, focus on a detailed representation of the relevant legislation, including amendments and their backgrounds as well as their impact on practical operation. "With the new training courses to the adapted regulations ACC3 and EASA OPS, Aviation Quality Services provides basic orientation to airline partners and offers at the same time practical safety and quality management solutions. Based on a successful certification, the companies are well prepared for the world"™s latest legal requirement", says Patrick Lutz, Managing Director, Aviation Quality Services.

Changing the rules of EU OPS 1 to EASA OPS
The EASA OPS Training courses are designed specifically for the management of commercial air transport operations with knowledge in EU OPS regulations. "Amongst other things, they include a profound representation of the changes that result from changing the rules of EU-OPS 1 to the new EASA OPS", clarifies Henrik Baark, renowned advocate for aviation industry and trainer at AQS. The mandatory requirements which have to be undertaken by European operators of air carriers will be fully explained based on practical exercises.

EU Aviation Security Assessment by independent validator
Another 3-day training course is focusing on the new security rules on air cargo and airmail in the European Union referring to code number (EU) 859/2011 as well as (EU) 1082/2012.
During these training sessions, the Senior Security Instructor of Aviation Quality Services provides helpful ACC3 insider know-how and accumulates this through extensive background in the field of security management. The participants also benefit from his experience as an aviation lawyer. "Each airline, which flies cargo and mail from non-EU countries into the EU, has now to ensure that, prior to loading an aircraft, all safety standards for transportation into the EU are met", adds the expert Henrik Baark. Furthermore, the airline has to be qualified and certified as an "Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport (ACC3)". From July 01, 2014 onwards, this legislation is only valid for air carriers that have successfully passed the EU Aviation Security Assessment by an independent validator of an EU Member State, such as AQS.

As an alternative to training courses in Frankfurt, AQS also offers courses to its customers at their worldwide home bases. The EASA OPS and ACC3 trainings are offered at four dates in 2013 and 2014 and cost each 1,290 Euro fee. After passing a written exam, participants will receive a certificate. More information can be found under

Since it was founded in February 2001, Aviation Quality Services GmbH has specialized in the training and certification of auditors as well as in the auditing of management systems in aviation sector. The implementation of Safety Management and Fatigue Risk Management Systems is another aspect of our business. We are market leaders in our segment. AQS was the first IATA accredited Audit Organisation auditing…

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