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25th CNS opens with renewed call for e-freight
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25th CNS opens with renewed call for e-freight

In the past year E-cargo saw its biggest jump yet, with 25 percent of CNS members in the United States getting on the EAWB bandwagon, up from 7 percent. Warren Jones, the president of CNS said it has benefitted his company, and his customers.

Indeed, a common theme echoed in Jones welcoming statement, and throughout the day, was that the air cargo industry and the governmental agencies that affect our business, need to get with the times and embrace a paper-free environment.

"The top logistics companies from around the world come here to make a difference in our industry," Jones said. "It"™s about you. You are the standard-bearers of our industry." Jones said the group gathered in the Pansacola meeting room during the first full day of CNS 2015, in its 25th year, shipped $6.8 trillion in goods last year. In the room, 600 industry leaders were present he said, many who have devoted their entire lives to the business. Over 30 people were first time attendees.

Jones also said the industry cannot be complacent when it comes to security. "Security threats continues to require diligence," he said. "This is where e-cargo can help. There"™s more to e-cargo than just removing paper. Now is the time for you to make that change for the good of air cargo."

As part of CNS"™s commitment to e-freight, Jones added that, after Jan. 1, 2016, the group will no longer accept paper checks.

Mick Fountain, chairman of the CNS advisory board, who listed customs, security, and safety as top industry priorities, followed Jones. He emphasized that world partnerships should be another priority. "Attendees will walk away with making a deal," he said. "It"™s going to require partnering for all of us to move forward”…

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