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Kirby resigns as American"™s president, named United"™s president
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Kirby resigns as American"™s president, named United"™s president

American Airlines president Scott Kirby has resigned, effective immediately, to take the same position with rival United Airlines.

United CEO Oscar Munoz, who had also held the title of president, will relinquish that title to Kirby, who has been closely associated with American chairman and CEO Doug Parker for more than two decades; the two joined America West Airlines in 1995. Kirby was named US Airways president in 2006 following the America West-US Airways merger, reporting directly to then-US Airways CEO Parker.

Kirby was instrumental in orchestrating the 2013 US Airways-American merger. He was named president of American as soon as the merger was completed, again reporting directly to Parker.

American said COO Robert Isom will become president and report to Parker.

Munoz has been in the process of revamping United"™s executive suite, and said in a statement that Kirby"™s appointment is "the culmination of the formation of my senior leadership team»…

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