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Airbus celebrates "˜best in class"™ supplier performance
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Airbus celebrates "˜best in class"™ supplier performance

Recognising partners for their excellent contributions

Airbus has recognised its top performing Suppliers at its 2017 Global Supplier Conference hosted in Tianjin, on the 20th September.

These best in class awards recognise the significant contribution that our suppliers make as a partner in Airbu"™ business. They are split into three categories:
"¢ Industrial Performance for delivering the highest level of quality, on time and on cost,
"¢ Innovation for providing innovative & pragmatic solutions,
"¢ Customer Support beyond the customer"™ expectations.

Top Industrial Performance awards went to Safran Electrical & Power, Chemettal, AVIC and AMOVA for their exceptional delivery performance supporting the Airbus production ramp-up.

Three winners were recognised in the Innovation category, P3 for the first on board Halon-free fire extinguisher which complied with challenging size and weight requirements, Hutchinson developed a highly automated production solution of lightweight, low cost air ducts which will be introduced on the A330neo. Also awarded was KUKA who designed and implemented a highly automated Single Aisle Shell Assembly flow using advanced robotics.

The Customer Support award was attributed to Rockwell Collins who received the best rated score by the airlines for consistent customer oriented service.

Airbus acknowledges its supplier"™ contribution throughout the year and this prestigious occasion recognises the top awardees, endorsed by the Airbus Executive Committee.

Airbus works with over 12 000 partners and suppliers across the globe with a sourcing volume of some 50B€ worldwide.

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