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Digital Tech Creating Enhanced Experiences In The Air
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Digital Tech Creating Enhanced Experiences In The Air

Aiming to guide future industry investment, the IATA and ACI NEXTT program"™s focus is on an ever-smoother journey "“ thanks to queue-busting technologies, better use of space and resources through artificial intelligence and robotics, and enhanced data sharing.

Mobile reshapes behavior

Our industry has already made great strides in recent years, and will continue to do so. "Just think of the progress made with mobile and self-service technologies. SITA"™s IT Trends Surveys show that the industry fully intends to continue investing in mobile and self-service to eliminate pain points along the steps of the journey.

Looking at mobile, nowadays the smartphone is the de facto unifying technology in providing a connected, end-to-end experience. Almost every passenger is clutching or wearing some form of smart device as their "˜passport"™ to a digitally-driven travel experience.

Self-service "“ now the norm

On the self-service front, the trend goes beyond just the operational goals of more throughput and extends to the value derived from a stress-free journey from home to destination, leaving the passenger feeling contented and empowered.

Self-service is now the norm. But shaped by digital experiences in other sectors such as retail, travelers are becoming ever more demanding.

Three predictions

Despite the progress made, Serfontein cites the need to create new travel experiences in areas where many travelers still face frustration and fragmentation at key steps in the journey. Joe Leader, CEO of APEX, the Airline Passenger Experience Association, concurs…

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