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Statement: Airport Infra Expo & Aviation Expo’s dates have changed

marzo 13, 2014

For the last three years, Airport Infra Expo & Aviation Expo have committed to realizing the biggest event dedicated to airport infrastructure and commercial aviation in Latin America.

Having as an ideal to be a catalyst of the sector, AIE & AE already became a traditional event, gathering all of the airports’ supply chain in one place, for during three days, discuss important subjects, giving the chance to making business that beneficiate the market.

Aiming to keep the event’s level, we communicate that Airport Infra Expo & Aviation Expo will be postponed to September 17th, 18th and 19th, 2014, t Expo Center Norte. This decision has been made thinking about the event’s quality and our estimated partners’ well being, based on the several facts detailed below.

When we decided to make the event’s 4th edition days before the World Cup, we craved to announce to all of the medial that the works in the airports located in the host cities were finished, and the complexes were ready to receive the demand of this great event. Unfortunately, as a big part of the airports had delays in their works, this is one of the actions which is unviable.

Another important point is that, because of the late works the airports which already traditionally participate in AIE & AE will be deeply involved in the arrangements for the World Cup and that makes their participation more difficult. The participation of theses airports, which are the biggest buyers, is fundamental for the event to be satisfying for our partners and suppliers, giving all parts business opportunities.

The argument above is also valid for the airports of Confins and Galeão, recently granted to the private initiative. Both will be extremely involved in the works of short and very short term, which should be made up to the beginning of the games. This makes their presence, which is very important to event, also unviable.

Other than that, as we were able to verify through a feedback from our own partners, the World Cup has caused a substantial increase in the prices of air tickets and accommodation in Brazil, which makes this period less comfortable for national companies based in other states and international companies to come to São Paulo and participate in Airport Infra Expo & Aviation Expo.

We are certain that this change will beneficiate all of the parts involved in the development of this event, which is to this day, the biggest one exclusively dedicated to airport infrastructure and commercial aviation in Latin America.

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