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JetBlue Delays London Debut to Late 2021
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JetBlue Delays London Debut to Late 2021

For years, JetBlue Airways had hoped to create its first trans-Atlantic route and, finally, last year, the New York-based airline announced it would fly to London.

That was supposed to happen early in 2021 but, well, we all know what the coronavirus pandemic has done to the airline industry.

Instead, JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes told Bloomberg News Service that its European debut will now have to wait until pushing the fall and winter of next year, at the earliest.

“Well, it’s going to be later in 2021 than we originally thought,” Hayes told Bloomberg, noting that he believes it will be good timing as pent up demand for travel will encourage more travelers to book tickets.

Even if JetBlue was ready to go, neither the U.S. nor Europe is ready. International travel is at an all-time low, and Europe has banned American travelers from entering its countries. The U.S. has a similar restriction on European travelers…

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