Aeroportos do Brasil joins IATA’s 25by2025

Aeroportos do Brasil (ABR), which represents 59 federal airports in Brazil and more than 90% of passengers transported, is the first airport association in the world to join IATA’s 25by2025 diversity initiative.

“Diversity creates a more integrated and productive environment”, says Fabio Rogerio, CEO of ABR. “It results in more exchanges of ideas and experiences, especially in the airport sector”.

ABR is focusing on creating an inclusive culture so that all employees feel comfortable. Rogerio says this is about listening to their needs, plans, dissatisfactions, and suggestions, so they know they are being heard. These impressions and feelings then need to be transformed into active participation and an ability to influence decision-making process.

Rogerio says that ABR already has a representative workforce, with women occupying senior positions, especially in the legal and regulatory areas. But there are areas where women are underrepresented, and ABR is encouraging more women to seek appropriate qualification and training. There are a multitude of opportunities at a large organization such as ABR and women could make a vital contribution to the sector.

Rogerio believes aviation is an attractive industry for new talent, which will help with female recruitment. As with other industries, however, it does not yet have enough female role models in relevant positions. “Highlighting examples where women have reached important positions or built their careers in aviation would encourage more women to join the sector”, he says.

ABR is working on the diversity issue today so the company can reap its rewards in generations to come. It is why IATA’s 25by2025 was so important to the company’s strategy. “The initiative is a major industry program, bringing together aviation companies from around the world”, Rogerio concludes. “We are the first airport association in the world to join because we believe in a multidisciplinary, connected sector that promotes diversity”.

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