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Avianca Cargo redefines its product portfolio and launches 3 new shipment services
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Avianca Cargo redefines its product portfolio and launches 3 new shipment services

Latin American carrier, Avianca Cargo announced a renewed product portfolio and the launch of 3 new speed service levels: Priority, Standard, and Standby. These new shipment services intend to offer a tailor-made and flexible service to cargo customers.

“In Avianca Cargo, we continue transforming our business focused on improving our customer’s experience. We want to offer our clients different solutions for them to fly their cargo as needed. A simpler product portfolio and speed levels designed to adjust and improve our operations model based on the requirements of the industry, along with all our specialized products, such as Pharma and Fresh that are recently certified under the IATA CEIV Program” said Leonel Ortiz, Development Cargo Director for Avianca Cargo.

The development of the speed level allows customers to choose the best fit according to their needs. Priority guarantees the shipments on booked flights, ideal for urgent shipments of products such as pharma, perishables, valuables, human remains, and live animals. Standard is a balance between urgency and cost, perfect for the day-to-day shipment of products. Finally, Standby is a cost-effective solution designed for general cargo with flexible delivery times.

CEIV’s certifications, the recent integration with three of the most important marketplaces of the industry, this new product portfolio, and new shipment services contribute to the transformation plan of Avianca Cargo to offer a robust service to its customers and to continue its position as a leading carrier in the region.

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