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LATAM Cargo targets pharma and automotive with new Copenhagen freighter
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LATAM Cargo targets pharma and automotive with new Copenhagen freighter

LATAM Cargo has become the first cargo airline to offer a direct service between Scandinavia and Latin America by adding Copenhagen as a new destination to its network.

The airline said the new weekly route cuts transit times by up to 48 hours by reducing the need for land transportation.

The route will be operated with a B767-300F offering an estimated capacity of between 20-25 tons per flight.

The main beneficiaries in the Scandinavian industry are pharma companies, car makers, and the oil and the paper sectors, although in the short term machinery and other businesses are also expected to play a major role.

LATAM said it would consider increasing the capacity or frequency if there is enough demand.

The round trip will increase connectivity between Scandinavia and different markets in Latin America with an outbound route that includes Copenhagen (Denmark), Viracopos (Brazil), Montevideo (Uruguay), Santiago (Chile), and Quito (Ecuador). The return will be via Miami (USA), Brussels (Belgium) and Copenhagen.

Gabriel Oliva, LATAM Cargo Senior Vice President for North America, Europe and Asia, said: “As the cargo leader in Latin America, we have undertaken the responsibility of connecting the region with the world and vice versa. Proof of this are the more than 150 destinations currently offered by the LATAM Cargo Group. The size and strength of our network are the pillars that make us a strategic partner for our customers in providing the support needed to take their shipments to their final destinations in less time”…

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