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Latam to offer non-stop flights from Santiago to Sydney
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Latam to offer non-stop flights from Santiago to Sydney

LATAM currently operates a daily flight to Sydney from Santiago with a lay-over in Auckland, New Zealand, and has offered a non-stop service between Santiago and Melbourne since October 2017. Both flights are operated by Boeing 787 aircraft.

In announcing the new flights on Monday, LATAM chief commercial officer Roberto Alvo said: “This non-stop Santiago-to-Sydney flight will further improve the connectivity we offer between South America and Australia.

“In recent years, we have expanded our services significantly, and today we offer unrivalled choice for passengers on both sides of the Pacific.

“More Australians than ever are visiting South America, wanting to discover the many unique destinations of the region, and we have seen equally strong demand from passengers travelling in the other direction, forging ever greater tourism and business links.”

More details including the start date, itinerary and ticket availability will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Through LATAM’s Oneworld partner, Qantas, passengers can connect from Sydney and Melbourne to destinations across the country, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, the Gold Coast and Perth…

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