OAG Punctuality League 2018 Positions Sky Within the Top Airlines in the World

Sky closed 2017 ranked as the seventh most punctual low cost airline in the world and fourth overall in Latin America, within all the companies that operate in the region.

The company states that the results are a product of the airline"™s efforts during last year, in order to counter and mitigate the effects of a highly congested Santiago International Airport, which has affected the normal flight operations.

"During 2017 we worked hard to improve our punctuality ratings, specifically because we were aware that it was going to be a tough year, given the contingencies at the airport", stated Garret Malone, operations director.

The ranking, elaborated by OAG FlightView, is based on 2017 data of 57 million flights, from which ratings of the best punctuality performances for airlines and airports can be found.

Within this scheme, Sky reached 81,93 percent of compliance in the global LLC segment, allowing to settle in seventh place worldwide. While in Latin America, considering the long list of operational air carriers, the company came in at fourth place.

Furthermore, in order to qualify in the list, airlines must register at least 80 percent of the itinerary data of all programmed and operated flights, and depart or land within a maximum of 15 minutes, in accordance to the fixed schedule…

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