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Ontario International hailed for health and safety initiatives
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Ontario International hailed for health and safety initiatives

Ontario International Airport (ONT) has been recognized for its vigilant efforts to keep air travelers safe with stringent COVID-19 health protocols and activities to enhance its customer service experience during what have been challenging times for airports, airlines and air travelers.

The Southern California gateway earned the honor for the “admirable continuation of its efforts to provide a safe airport experience for all travelers,” according to Airports Council International, a Montreal-based aviation trade group. As travel restrictions are lifted and air passengers return to more normal routines, “we are confident that [ONT’s] efforts will succeed as we transition back into a promising future,” ACI said.

“At the outset of the pandemic, we dedicated ourselves to providing a safe airport environment that would minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus,” said Atif Elkadi, deputy chief executive officer of the Ontario International Airport Authority. “We quickly enhanced our procedures and protocols consistent with the guidance of public health authorities to keep our passenger terminals safe and protect our customers.”

Elkadi noted ONT’s terminals, administrative buildings and vehicles are cleaned more frequently and more intensely, particularly public restrooms, gate areas and high-touch surfaces. Hand-sanitizing stations and personal protective equipment vending machines are located throughout passenger terminals. Hundreds of security screening trays containing powerful antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the bins and passenger belongings are sanitized daily.

A COVID-19 testing site available to air travelers and community neighbors remains in operation in Parking Lot F. A complete listing of health and safety protocols is available on the airport’s web site.

In addition, ACI recognized ONT for its tireless efforts to obtain feedback from ONT travelers, learn from it and enhance the customer experience as a result.

“Your airport has made significant efforts in gathering passenger feedback and this will help to better understand your customers while informing the continuous delivery of a superior customer experience under trying circumstances,” ACI said in its notification to ONT leaders.

“Our leadership team and frontline employees alike come to work every day to provide air travelers the world-class airport experience they deserve”, Elkadi said. “While we are not driven by the prospect of public recognition, we are grateful for and immensely proud of it when it comes our way”.

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