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IATA: Air Transport Generates 1.1M Jobs in Brazil
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IATA: Air Transport Generates 1.1M Jobs in Brazil

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced new data showing that aviation and aviation-induced tourism support 1.1 million jobs and contribute $32.9 billion to Brazil"™s GDP, an amount equivalent to 1.4% of the country"™s GDP.

These findings are among the highlights of "˜The Importance of Air Transport in Brazil"™ study conducted by Oxford Economics on behalf of IATA.

"We are proud of aviation"™s positive contribution to Brazil and the wealth it generates for the country. Air transport facilitates exports, foreign direct investment and tourism. However, by adopting policies that ensure a more stable and competitive operating environment for the airlines, Brazil could reap much larger dividends from aviation," said Peter Cerda, IATA"™s Regional Vice President for the Americas, who is in Brazil for the release of the study.

According to the study, Brazil"™s Infrastructure Quality Score is 4 out of 7, a handicap for the efficient operation of the region"™s air industry and one that detracts from the passenger experience. Entry visa requirements also weigh on Brazil"™s ability to attract visitors, the country"™s Visa Openness Score is just 2 out of 10.

Brazil"™s unorthodox fuel policies that artificially increase industry operating costs by $560 million annually while restrictive rules covering baggage and airline tickets also weigh on the industry"™s cost competitiveness…

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