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Top 10 best value short haul airlines
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Top 10 best value short haul airlines

Is that cheap airfare really that cheap? What about baggage charges, seat allocation and on-board refreshments?

Love that feeling that you have bagged yourself a bargain flight only to find out the price ramps up once you add on baggage charges and seat reservations? Well we have been busy looking at the top 10 value airlines for short haul destinations from the UK to work out who really can offer the best value. (EasyJet crea una aerolínea en Austria para poder operar en la UE tras el Brexit)

We delved into average flight prices, baggage charges, seat reservation charges and on-board catering to determine which airline offers the best value and the results are in*.


1 easyJet
2 British Airways
4 Wizz Air
5 Thomson Airways
6 Jet2
6 Ryanair
8 Flybe
9 Monarch
10 Thomas Cook

Cat McGloin, Skyscanner"™s travel editor has this advice:

"Whether an airline is of value to you is very much determined by what is important to you for that particular journey which is why we have broken out the findings below for you. The majority of airlines offer value packages where the flights might cost a little more but hold baggage and seat allocation is included and these really should be considered, whilst it might be off putting to increase your flight by £30 and take a higher flight package, if you need hold luggage and that luggage charge is likely to be £30+ then opt for that. Most flight packages also include seat reservation as well"…

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