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Older 737s banned at La Paz after landing incidents
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Older 737s banned at La Paz after landing incidents

Operations by older-variant Boeing 737s have been temporarily banned at Bolivia’s capital El Alto airport near La Paz.

The ban takes effect immediately, on 10 October, and takes into account recommendations following the occurrence of “events”, says the Bolivian civil aviation regulator DGAC.

DGAC executive director Celier Arispe Rosas says the prohibition will remain in place while technical evaluation is conducted in several areas relating to operations and airworthiness.

“This measure is being carried out with the sole purpose of ensuring safety of our passengers, pilots, aircraft, and all those involved in air operations at El Alto airport,” he states.

The DGAC adds that it will lift the suspension once risks are mitigated and an “acceptable level” of safety is achieved…

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