Embraer Sees "˜Untapped Opportunities"™ In The Asia Pacific Region

Embraer Commercial Aviation predicted at the Singapore Airshow this week that Asia Pacific carriers, including Chinese airlines, will take delivery of 1,570 new jets in the 70-to-130-seat range over the next 20 years representing 25% of the worldwide demand for the segment. The aircraft for the region will be valued at approximately US$75 billion, at list prices, the manufacturer said.

"The Asia Pacific market will become more affluent, competitive and open, further stimulating airlines to seek system efficiencies, brand differentiation and improved service levels," Embraer says. "In this context, the 70-to-130-seat-jet segment will play a key role in supporting the intra-regional development in Asia Pacific."

"We are showing to airlines the benefit of moving from "˜red ocean"™ to "˜blue oceans,"™ that is, to move away from a crowded marketplace and seek out opportunities in markets that are currently underserved, or not served at all, where yields are also stronger, moving from one to two digits," said Embraer Commercial Aviation president and CEO Paulo Cesar Silva.

Embraer said it sees "untapped opportunities in Asia Pacific, where more than 250 markets, or 30% of narrowbody exclusive markets, are served with less than one daily frequency»…

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